Transcendent PX™

It is time for health care philanthropy executives to take a broader view of our work and a more expansive view of potential value creation. Too often, CEOs say that the foundation approaches issues from the sole perspective of philanthropy rather than approaching them with a systematic understanding of needs and opportunities of the health care organization or ecosystem as a whole. This means, too often, the ambitions of the philanthropy organization are perceived as out of touch with the greater, more all encompassing, vision of the health care organization. However, the time has come to pivot and to expand our vision of the potential impact of the philanthropy organization.

It is with all of this is mind that we developed TranscendentPX™. “Transcendent” speaks to something exceptional and beyond ordinary human experience, while “PX” embraces common industry nomenclature around “patient experience.”

White Paper

Learn more about Accordant's TranscendentalPX in our white paper.

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