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August 20th & 21st, 2018 | Atlanta, GA
InterContinental Hotel

Price: $395 per class

Summer Leadership Education



 Includes breakfast and lunch 
Our Summer Leadership Education sessions will take place at the InterContinental Hotel in Atlanta on August 20th & 21st, 2018 from 8:00am to 5:00pm.  These one-day sessions will be open to philanthropy executives, health care executives, board members and clinicians. Learn more below.



August 20th

Advancing Population Health Through Philanthropy & Community Partnership

Population Health is a critical strategy to elevate community health status and to achieve the IHI Triple Aim.  Yet, only 1 in 5 health care executives strongly agree they have the financial resources to design and build population health initiatives. This workshop explores how organizations can secure and leverage voluntary, charitable giving and public-private partnerships to design, build and sustain community health initiatives. This session will also:

  • Explore the latest trends and insights from the health care field on this evolving priority
  • Forge partnerships with foundations, private donors and other partners
  • Craft and share the vision for community impact and the rationale for philanthropic support
  • Secure community input and ownership in an overarching vision for elevating health

Driving Systemization & Regionalization in Health Care Philanthropy

The number of health care organization mergers and affiliations has surged as organizations seek to mitigate financial risk and to pursue competitive advantage. Now, as organizations consider how to optimize philanthropy as an alternative revenue source, systems are integrating fund development operations to increase total charitable dollars raised, to leverage the advantages of scale and to achieve increased efficiency. However, building an expansive platform ushers in organizational design, change management, culture and control issues— all of which must be addressed intentionally.  This class dissects and discusses systemization and regionalization in health care philanthropy and will:

  • Explore the business rationale for regionalization or systemization in health care philanthropy
  • Illuminate approaches, processes and infrastructure used in successful U.S. systems 
  • Provide an overall framework to guide efforts and to coordinate interrelated activities 
  • Examine pitfalls, failure points and cultural challenges to avoid  

August 21st

Embracing Gratitude in Health Care as a Path to Engagement, Philanthropy and Whole-Person Care

Gratitude can be a powerful force in elevating health care.  Research shows the vast majority of the largest philanthropic gifts to health care organizations come from grateful patients and family members.  Gratitude amongst patients leads to deeper patient satisfaction and loyalty.  Gratitude also fosters resilience, decreases burnout and increases engagement amongst physicians, nurses and other caregivers.  This provocative session explores the virtuous circles and interrelated elements of gratitude in health care and provides actionable examples to build a culture of gratitude within your organization.  You will also:

  • View gratitude through the lens of scientific research from both psychology and neuroscience  
  • Find out how gratitude positively impacts financial health and patient experience 
  • Discover how gratitude can elevate and accelerate voluntary, charitable giving
  • See opportunities for alignment between the foundation, service excellence and clinical care

Mission Selling: Optimize Your Effectiveness in Engaging Others in the Mission

Health care philanthropy seeks to build meaningful, values-driven partnerships between donor investors and the health care organization.  Mission-driven gifts through major gift and planned giving strategies are often the linchpin of achieving high Return on Investment, Return on Relationship and total dollars raised.  However, too many organizations advance these powerful relationships in a sporadic manner.   This compelling and highly interactive workshop pushes the boundaries of traditional major gifts programs to consider how organizations can import tested and proven techniques from sales, storytelling and other fields to powerfully advance relationship-driven major gifts work, to optimize the donor experience and to maximize total dollars raised.  This class is specifically tailored for philanthropy executives and major gifts officers.  You will also: 

  • Dive into deep discussion and reflection with colleagues to confront new opportunities
  • Reconsider assumptions and recalibrate engagement of prospective donor partners 
  • Advance key relationships in a more meaningful and more efficient manner
  • Explore portfolio management processes, portfolio size, donor communications and more

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