Andrew Watt
Senior Principal
Andrew Watt

Andrew has served as a passionate leader and advocate for the social and philanthropic sectors for more than 25 years. His role as Senior Principal enables him to contribute thought leadership in the field and provide a strong and adaptable presence to better meet the needs of our international clientele. Andrew has significant experience creating successful coalitions in complex and challenging multinational environments. He comes from a robust international background in public policy development, advocacy, nonprofit management, and philanthropy.

Andrew has most recently served as President & CEO and Interim President & CEO of two significant, professional associations for philanthropy. Prior to that, he served as Chief Programs Officer for one of those associations for philanthropy professionals and as Deputy Chief Executive of a European association for philanthropy professionals.

As a creative leader in times of challenging organizational transition in both the US and UK, Andrew has extensive experience of working closely with teams of volunteers and staff while acting as an agent for change. Andrew utilizes his strong analytical skills when leading and encouraging others through the process of innovation and transformation, and he has worked closely with the media to inform and educate the public on the impact of philanthropic giving throughout his career.

Andrew joined the Accordant team to continue his service as an innovative thought leader in the world of philanthropy, and he aims to utilize his skills as a fluent and experienced communicator to bring together diverse communities of people with wide-ranging opinions to achieve successful outcomes in the world of health care philanthropy. Andrew received his MA in History from Edinburgh University.