Virtual & Short-Term Services

Accordant is ready to help you keep your important work going through strengthened and expanded virtual offerings. We provide a robust suite of integrated technology platforms to offer live, web-based events for up to 500 simultaneous participants with integrated engagement tools like real-time polling, breakout rooms and more. We have developed new tools to enhance some of our key facilitated services – from Strategically Aligned Project Selection™ (SAPS) to design thinking-based strategic visioning – in an interactive, virtual format. We’ve also developed new short-term offerings to assist you in a strategic pivot to ensure continuity of work including campaign recalibration, strategic project validation, executive coaching and more. Contact us for additional information on services and strategies you can implement right now.

Virtual and Short-Term Services

We can help.

Contact us about customized short-term strategies, program elevation, virtual meetings, education and coaching.