Values-Based Organizational Culture

Values-based organizational culture can be a significant lever to driving high performance. Grounded in gratitude, purpose and trust, a values-based culture supports ambitions to improve patient experience, to improve clinical quality, to safeguard patient safety and to create a more engaged and resilient workforce. It embraces gratitude, decreases caregiver burnout, enhances resiliency and increases joy in work. However, many organizations find undertaking efforts to change their culture to be overwhelming.

Changing culture is simply about changing the way we do things. It is about our habits, the way we talk about things and the way we make decisions. Accordant helps organizations embrace values, integrate gratitude and move towards a new way of working. Through building intentional partnerships rooted in core values, Accordant will help to create the culture desired by organizations for optimal performance.

  • Culture Benchmarking, Design and Facilitation
  • Leader, Clinician and Colleague Engagement
  • Clinical Leaders Values-Based Coaching
  • Team Building and Training
  • Internal Communications

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Create a values-based culture for optimal performance.