Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning for Philanthropy

Accordant Philanthropy® helps health care philanthropy organizations advance strategic visioning and strategic planning to advance fund development in collaboration with key organizational advocates using a variety of techniques and depths of service level.


Hoshin Strategic Visioning

Accordant facilitates strategic visioning using a robust-but-simple planning method called Hoshin Kanri.  Hoshin is a Japanese planning method used to capture and crystalize a large number of ideas from people with varying perspectives and insights into a single, cohesive, compelling vision to drive planning. The process values that each person participating brings unique and valuable expertise that will strengthen the organizational vision. The Hoshin planning process is an excellent way to gain the input and engagement of board leaders, health care executives, physicians, staff and other key advocates to create a unified vision for the health care philanthropy organization and to foster ownership of plans.

Outcomes Include:

  • Providing a clear vision for moving the organization forward
  • Involving a broad number of leaders in creating future plans
  • Creating a shared focus on common goals
  • Prioritizing organizational objectives



  • Fostering open dialogue and communication
  • Creating accountability for advancing the work
  • Scaling work to fit organizational budgetary and staffing resources
  • Achieving a clear focus with limited time and financial investment

A typical engagement consists of pre-retreat planning followed by an onsite retreat involving seven to thirty participants selected by the organization.  This done-in-a-day event provides all that is needed for many organizations or can be used to kick-start a larger strategic planning initiative by seeking input and solidifying ownership for organizational plans. The level of deliverables and post-event counsel can be customized.  This streamlined approach generally meets all the planning needs of less complex organizations, those that wish to validate their existing direction or those that are seeking to elevate stakeholder involvement.

SBAR Strategic Planning

Accordant utilizes a robust planning methodology for more complex organizations, for organizations establishing a new philanthropy program, for programs that wish to take a deeper planning dive or for organizations requiring a more turn-key solution.  Accordant utilizes a variety of planning tools in this arena that can be selected or scaled based upon individual needs.  These include program audits, environmental scans, benchmarking analysis, SWOT analysis, interviews, group facilitation, surveys and more to feed information into the process.  These tools coupled with Accordant’s broad industry knowledge and objective perspective can add leveraged value and clarity to the planning process.

Accordant Philanthropy® presents plans back to the organization in an SBAR format:



(concise statement of the issue)



(pertinent and brief information related to the situation)



(analysis and considerations of options / conclusions)



(action recommended)

SBAR is the Joint Commission’s stated industry best practice for standardized communication in health care and is primarily used to communicate critical information in a patient care environment. However, we find using this familiar health care communication tool in foundation planning to be very effective and actionable in focusing work given the direct but thorough nature of the tool.  The primary SBAR document may also be supplemented with other communication tools including GANTT charts, PowerPoint slides and more to meet the needs of the organization.

Selecting an Approach

Accordant collaborates with individual organizations and leaders to design a customized approach that is right-sized to the needs, opportunities, ambitions and resources of individual organizations.  Please feel free to contact us today for a free consultation about advancing your plans.