Program Assessments

Program assessment is vital at many junctures in the life of a fund development program.  While an assessment is helpful at many points in time, Accordant Philanthropy® is often invited to conduct an assessment when a Chief Development Officer has left or is just joining the organization.  It is extraordinarily helpful to conduct an assessment when an organization is contemplating a campaign.  This deep dive helps the organization make important staffing and budget decisions to maximize philanthropic support.  A Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Challenge Analysis looks at the internal and external factors that will inform development success.

This analysis is typically routed in these activities:

1. Review and Analysis of Operations

  • Review current development plan and historical fund development efforts
  • Review and analyze giving data
  • Examine strengths/ weaknesses of existing fund development program
  • Evaluate board identification, recruitment, and engagement process
  • Analyze donor database management system
  • Evaluate major gift relationship management / portfolio review system
  • Review development policies and procedures
  • Review existing fund development and stewardship communications
  • Review any other pertinent information
  • Conduct a comprehensive staff time allocation analysis
  • Conduct limited environmental scan of community capacity and competitors

2. Key Stakeholder Engagement

Key stakeholder engagement is a key factor in the success of a fund development program. Accordant conducts strategic discussions with organizational leaders, community leadership volunteers and key staff members to secure feedback on development efforts, aspirations and opportunities for growth. Accordant also develops and implements email surveys of other important constituents to secure feedback from a broader audience.

3. Best Practice Evaluation

Accordant identifies similar institutions for best practice comparison and uses national benchmarking data to analyze these areas:

  • Key Performance Metrics - Total revenues, net income, return on investment, funds raised per staff, funds raised per professional staff, and other metrics
  • Staffing size and structure
  • Board and volunteer engagement
  • Development program depth and breadth
  • Elements of a culture for philanthropy

4. Selecting an Approach

Accordant collaborates with individual organizations and leaders to design a customized assessment approach that best the needs of individual organizations.  Please contact us today for a free consultation about maximizing philanthropy in your organization.