Population Health



We Are Prepared to Be Your Partner

As health care organizations transition from being paid for volume to being paid for value, population health efforts—to proactively address health issues of a group of people generally defined by demographics, geography or health issue— has become a core strategic priority for most organizations.

While implementing population health strategies does have a downstream financial benefit by improving overall health status, there is generally no revenue source on the front end to power these plans.  This leaves the vast majority of health care organizations at a loss for how they’re going to pay for developing infrastructure or creating programs to support population health initiatives. However philanthropy – charitable giving from individuals, corporations and foundations – can provide a valuable solution.  Results-driven donors not only see the potential impact of population health efforts but also value that these efforts often involve boundary-spanning partnerships between multiple local entities to drive change.

However, the role of the health care foundation in advancing population health can go far beyond money. Often, foundation leadership and stakeholders have the widest network of relationships with key community influencers, nonprofits, corporations and governmental entities.  This means, in many communities, the foundation is not only positioned to raise money for population health but also to drive partnerships and to facilitate crafting a community vision for improving health. 

As health care foundations confront these new and dynamic possibilities, Accordant is prepared to be your partner in implementing meaningful and measurable solutions to support and advance population health initiatives.

Our services in this area include: 



  • Design community philanthropic partnerships amongst foundations, private donors and other nonprofits to include addressing key issues such as management of charitable funds and funder relationships
  • Create a case for support to share the vision for community impact and to foster philanthropic support of initiatives
  • Facilitate focus groups with prospective strategic partners and key community stakeholders to identify an overarching vision for elevating the health of the community rooted in the health care organization’s community needs assessment