Campaign Planning and Management

Campaigns have demonstrated their power to crystallize ambition, focus ally engagement and achieve transformational giving. However, a new health care environment demands a new way to campaign.

To excel in this changing environment and to harness the potential of new opportunities, Accordant has redesigned our approach to campaign planning and management. Our approach incorporates emerging and innovative practice alongside proven best practices in order to:

  • A fast-evolving health care strategic and financial landscape calls for campaigns that are agile, responsive and have a shorter process time from start to finish. 
  • Progressive organizations are not only raising money for buildings and capital equipment but also for clinical programs, community impact and innovation.
  • Physicians and clinicians are critical allies who must be engaged early and in a substantive manner to secure their insights, ownership and participation.
  • Anemic health care operating margins mean campaigns must advance the organization’s most critical, strategically aligned, high impact endeavors.
  • Limited internal financial and human resources for campaigning mean leveraging resources and achieving integration with existing efforts is critical. 
  • Expand campaign planning beyond evaluating the external market by also evaluating key internal infrastructure, processes, relationships and more.
  • Integrate against and bolster the existing philanthropy program to elevate portfolio management processes, to drive program refinement and to create sustainable performance gains even after the campaign has ended.
  • Elevate the focus on robust engagement of the organization’s most valuable allies: executives, board members, physicians and clinicians – customized to honor each leader’s strengths, preferences, skill sets and intent.
  • Ensure the case for support is deftly tied to the organizational strategic plan.
  • Build modern and responsive communications to fit today’s plugged-in and fast-moving lifestyles and to amp up the focus on impact and outcomes.
  • Decrease cycle times and remove arbitrary wait times to get the organization off the starting blocks quickly and to improve the overall campaign process.

Accordant’s entire approach is also aligned with our overarching Transformative Philanthropy™ approach to maximize philanthropic potential.  

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