Strategically Aligned Project Selection™ (SAPS)

Accordant has a robust process that identifies, pressure tests and prioritizes potential philanthropic funding priorities.  Strategically Aligned Project Selection™ (SAPS) is a critical first step to enabling enterprise-wide alignment between the health care organization’s strategic priorities and charitable funding priorities. The SAPS process not only creates a shared vision to maximize the impact of donor dollars within the health care organization but also aligns initiatives with the preferences and expectations of today’s donor investors.  Facilitated SAPS sessions involve key leaders and stakeholders including health care executives, board members, clinicians and philanthropic staff.  With a focus on driving clarity and consensus, Accordant experts facilitate leadership input and discussion resulting in clear prioritization of projects, how they are communicated and how they can be funded.

Why this approach?

  • Health care organizations must position philanthropy as a viable alternative revenue source to enable the organization’s most important efforts.
  • Hospital priorities and donor priorities don’t always align. What is important to the health care organization may not be a suitable project for charitable support. This process identifies compelling projects that align organizational vision with donor passion and desire for impact.
  • Determining and prioritizing the most important Cases for Support gives the institution focus and direction.

We can help.

Progressive health care organizations realize the importance of identifying and aligning hospital and donor priorities to maximize their efforts, resources and funding. Implementing Strategically Aligned Project Selection™ leads to strategies that increase the financial impact of high-performance philanthropy on advancing the organization's mission.