Major, Principal & Transformational Gifts

Major, leadership, and transformative gifts have a significant impact on your institution, your patients, and your community.

More than 80 percent of total contributions come from the top 20 percent of donors, with top-tier fundraising shops receiving 95 percent of contributions from their top five percent of donors. This level requires a laser focus on the organization’s top donors and a commitment to a strategic, disciplined approach.  

A new event? The newest trend in crowdsourcing? Health care development offices have many choices to make regarding what to raise money for…and how to do it. While many possible efforts could result in a profit, organizations that want to achieve the highest return on investment and transform their institution must stay focused and committed to a major gift strategy.

Structure & Focus

To create a structure and maintain focus, major giving should incorporate a moves management program,  including identification, investigation, cultivation, and stewardship.

Major gift programs must train fundraisers and volunteers and utilize available resources and tools to make the best decisions on identifying premier donors with an affinity to the organization and the capacity to make a gift of impact.  A major gift program is a team sport.  To be the most successful, major gifts should be infused in the culture and focus of the foundation and governance boards and the C-suite.


Cultivating a donor for a major gift requires the right balance between art and science. Major gift officers must use the creativity and people skills of the right brain to effectively and passionately communicate how the organization is making a difference.  Storytelling skills are vital for the leadership and development staff teams, as well as for board and volunteer leadership.  

The strategic, methodical nature of the left brain must also be embraced to advance the process towards the next stage of solicitation.  Major gift officers must maintain intellectual and social curiosity, seeking to ask thoughtful and insightful questions about the donor’s interests and philanthropic goals.  High net worth donors support organizations because of their belief in the mission, conviction that the gift can make a difference, and personal satisfaction.  


We strive to maintain a donor-centered approach connecting the desires and passion of the donor with the appropriate institutional project to develop a case for support and a successful solicitation.

Unfortunately, over half of high net worth donors do not believe their gifts make the intended impact.  We believe that stewardship cannot be an afterthought; it must be strategic, personal, and demonstrate the gratitude of the institution and show the impact of the donor’s investment.  

We want to help you find donors who are inspired by your institution’s mission.

Accordant Philanthropy® uses the latest research and best practices from health care and other disciplines to develop the expertise, strategy, and tools to transform your major gift focus.  We only serve health care philanthropy clients, so we understand the complexity and changing dynamics of health care – such as the shift to pay-for-performance and population health – that impact the institution. We customize strategy based on your situation, culture, team structure and existing donor base.

Let us help you reach heights that you had never before imagined.  Contact Accordant Philanthropy® for more information.