Grateful Patient Engagement





Weaving gratitude into the health care organization as both a touchstone and a compass can transform both the patient care experience and philanthropy. 



Grateful patients are most likely to become significant donors to health care. Accordant helps you create and implement deliberate, focused strategies to maximize this opportunity in a manner rooted in integrity, values and purpose.

Grateful patient strategies must keep pace with the rapidly changing health care environment; many grateful patient strategies once considered best practice are now stale and operationally insignificant.


It is time for health care philanthropy executives to take a broader view of our work and a more expansive view of potential value creation. Discover Accordant’s TranscendentPX™.



Accordant Philanthropy® offers a fresh, comprehensive approach to grateful patient and physician engagement centered around the core belief that gratitude is a virtue – not a tactic.



Understanding the psychological underpinnings of gratitude means grateful patient strategies rooted solely in tactics, tools and processes without a fundamental focus on values, purposes and culture miss the point. Nurturing gratitude that may ultimately result in philanthropy not only begins with embracing the transcendent beliefs and values that drive those who work in health care to a purpose-led calling but also means the engagement of passionate physicians and nurses is essential.

Organizations can achieve success in engaging grateful patients and facilitating physician and clinician referrals in philanthropy by fostering a culture where physicians, caregivers and staff embrace gratitude and facilitate grateful patients and families expressing gratitude through philanthropy.


Our holistic approach, rooted in integrity, offers a complete solution that centers around three pillars:

  • leadership engagement

  • hardwiring operations and
  • physician and philanthropic gift advisor coaching/support.

Accordant Philanthropy® helps organizations build and implement cohesive, results-oriented, integrity-based strategies to forge strong partnerships with clinicians and to meaningfully engage grateful patients.  These strategies are based upon data-driven research, national benchmarking, best practices and experience.

Let Accordant help you engage this most important of philanthropy constituencies.

We do this by focusing on:

Leadership Engagement

Ensure buy-in and support from the governing board of trustees, foundation board members, executive team and clinical leadership.

Culture & Communications

Integrate strategic communications to foster engagement and to support an organizational culture conducive to philanthropy.

Integrity-Based Physician Engagement

Foster physician participation in philanthropy through one-on-one coaching and the development of a physician leadership council to drive peer-led process creation and decision making.


Provide impactful, evidence-based, tailored small-group training sessions for executives, physicians, nurse leaders and philanthropy team members.

Major Gifts

Ensure seamless processes exist for identifying, assigning, qualifying, cultivating, soliciting and stewarding those with the affinity and ability to make investment-level gifts.


Implement the right processes, programs and procedures to support a comprehensive and continuous grateful patient strategy.

Accountability & Measurement

Provide metrics and reporting tools to track and measure data and results, to ensure accountability and to drive program refinement.

Team Support

Offer one-on-one mentoring and support for frontline philanthropic gift advisors rooted in core competencies that enable success.

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