Philanthropy Executive Coaching

While professional conferences, workshops and leadership development programs may help you acquire additional skills, a personal coach provides you with customized, one-on-one support to spur personal, professional and organizational growth.

Are you a seasoned leader confronting difficult barriers or navigating new opportunities? Are you a new philanthropy executive seeking to be better positioned to excel with new responsibilities? Regardless of your professional situation, it is likely you have been or are currently in a place where you must maximize your strengths and be at your best as consistently as possible. A personal, professional coach can guide you toward a higher level of performance.

To transform an organization that achieves its maximum philanthropy potential, you must first transform yourself. Accordant experts know and understand the day-to-day challenges faced by health care philanthropy executives, because we have actually held those leadership positions. We’ve applied our experience to structure services designed to help you develop and hone the skill set you need to maximize your impact and to add value in the workplace. Some leaders may adapt new approaches, new strategies or a new way of thinking. Some leaders may need to bounce ideas off a trusted expert. Through reflection and personal growth plans, a seasoned and trusted confidante and coach will help you recognize your strengths, address areas needing improvement and create strategies to achieve elevated success.

Direct Benefits of Executive Coaching

  • Develop stronger executive presence
  • Achieve faster decision-making skills through identification of gaps and barriers
  • Effectively identify and address challenging staff issues
  • Learn to understand, appreciate and play to your strengths
  • Build increased confidence to “lean in” to difficult situations
  • Learn to strengthen identified areas of improvement
  • Improve communications with executive team and staff
  • Learn to give and receive feedback to avoid “blind spots”
  • Allocate time to talk through issues with a trusted, non-judgmental confidante

Certification Credentials

An Executive Coaching partner requires the training and expertise of a full-qualified collaborator.

Lori Counts, CFRE, is a Certified Executive Coach through the Center for Executive Coaching as well as a Certified Fundraising Executive.

Linda Roszak Burton, BS, BBC, ACC is a Certified Executive Coach through the International Coach Federation, as well as a licensed Positive Psychology Instructor.

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