Foundation & Governing Board Education

Foundation and governing board leaders bring gravitas, credibility, skills, access and insight that are not duplicated anywhere else in the health organization, providing a significant source of competitive advantage. To harness the individual and collective influence of board leaders in advancing your mission, you must take a deliberate approach to educating and engaging these valuable community leadership volunteers.

Accordant has been recognized for our progressive and research-driven approach to board education and engagement through high-energy, high-impact and high-interaction training experiences. Accordant provides leaders with the insights and understandings to place their valuable role in context. Our experts illuminate key strategic issues and opportunities in health care and health philanthropy to show board members how they can activate solutions to support success. Our consultants provide board leaders with strategies that leverage their individual preferences, skills and intention to comfortably and confidently advocate for and raise charitable funds for the health care mission.

Accordant designs customized educational experiences that meet the unique needs and opportunities of your board. Sessions may be offered either onsite or through video conference. Educational content can be delivered in sessions from 30 minutes to 6 hours. Each board session is based upon our deep bench of research-driven board content on subjects that include, but are not limited to:

  • Understanding the financial rationale for philanthropy in health care
  • Discovering the unique areas of competitive advantage for board members
  • Exploring the strategic priorities of high performance health philanthropy organizations
  • Building a better board–from role design to member selection to better meetings
  • Selecting strategically aligned projects for philanthropic support
  • Supporting investment in new priorities from community impact to innovation
  • Fostering powerful and productive collaborations with other organizational allies
  • Designing and positioning the health care board in an era of systemization
  • Leading the progressive and accountable board organization

We can help.

Please contact us about designing an impactful board education experience to position your board leaders to serve as one of your organization’s greatest strategic assets.