Executive Search

Making the right hire for your development team is essential.

With the average tenure of development officers in health care organizations at 16 months and the cost to replace a development officer averaging $127,000, you cannot afford to waste your time and resources on the wrong talent.

There are five fund development positions for every one qualified candidate. Typically, your human resources team is much more experienced in recruiting medical staff than development professionals.

Accordant Philanthropy® only serves health care philanthropy programs. Why should our clients settle for generalists when they can work with specialists? We work exclusively with health care philanthropy leadership.

We know what is at stake in your critical health care mission and we know the executives who can help your achieve your goals. A review of our client list will confirm that we work with premier health care systems throughout the United States and have the relationships and expertise to identify and place right-fit, A-level talent.

Our executive search service marries the expertise in leadership development for which we are known with innovative technology and leading business practices.  Our responsive service model delivers faster hires of A-level talent to enhance your return-on-investment.

Accordant uses state-of-the-art private sector models and practices to serve our health care philanthropy clients. We do the research so that you can focus on what you do best: advancing your critical health care mission.  

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Our search platform offers the following benefits over those of traditional search firms:

Laser Focus

We only serve health care philanthropy clients. You wouldn’t buy a Ferrari from anywhere other than a Ferrari dealer. Why would you go to a generalist search firm when you can work with trusted health care industry thought leaders?

Enhanced ROI

Using the latest technology and leading-edge processes, we screen and interview more candidates faster, delivering our clients the A-level talent required to advance their health care philanthropy programs.

We’re Faster

Our technology diminishes phone screening and cuts down on costly travel. Most importantly, we place your future leaders faster, typically within 90 – 120 days.

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