Executive Coaching

Coaching is an INVESTMENT in yourself and your organization 




It’s time to retake your lead. Whether you are a new philanthropy executive feeling overwhelmed with your new responsibilities…a seasoned leader confronting a difficult barrier…or a senior executive concerned with succession planning challenges, you’ve probably faced situations where you must gain momentum. A personal, professional coach can push you toward a higher level of performance. 




In order to transform the organization to achieve its maximum philanthropy potential, you must first transform yourself.

Accordant Philanthropy, one of the nation’s leading health care philanthropy consulting firms, has helped hospitals and health care systems from coast to coast reach their philanthropy goals. Our experts know and understand the day-to-day challenges faced by health care philanthropy executives, and we’ve structured our services to help you develop and hone the skill set you need to maximize your impact and value in the workplace. Some might require new strategies or a new way of thinking. Others may just need to bounce ideas off a trusted expert. 

Through reflection and personal growth plans, a coach will help you recognize both your strengths as well as areas that need improvement. Real-life situations are discussed and reviewed and strategies are suggested, developed and implemented to guide you to success. 

There are other ways you can grow professionally. You can attend professional conferences and workshops; these will certainly help you keep up with best practices, but are not designed to help you acquire new leadership skills. Your hospital may have a leadership development program; this may offer sound, worthwhile information but usually lack the one-on-one advice and counsel a personal coach provides.

Executive coaching provides you with a seasoned, trusted confidante who will help you grow as a leader. Our shared goal is to build leadership skills that translate directly to higher performance. Using proven techniques, tools and resources, your coach helps you explore new opportunities, weigh ideas and see a fresh vantage point. Because we’ve been in your situation, your coach helps you see things from various perspectives. A coach will help you “see around the corner” and suggest options and strategies without passing judgment.





  • Achieve faster decision-making skills through identification of gaps and barriers
  • Develop stronger executive presence
  • Learn to understand, appreciate and play to your strengths
  • Allocate time to talk through issues with a trusted, non-judgmental confidante
  • Learn to give and receive feedback to avoid blind spots
  • Address challenging staff issues
  • Build increased confidence to “lean in” to difficult issues
  • Improve communications with executive team and staff




Trust someone who has walked in your shoes. 

Take the first step toward a brighter future by emailing Coaching@AccordantPhilanthropy.com or calling us toll free at 855-877-4332 (ext. 16)