Board Evaluation

Great boards commit to regular board evaluation to illuminate opportunities that improve both board and organizational performance, as well as enhance the board experience. Most boards advance this process on an annual basis to explore issues at both the collective board level and the individual board member level to uncover specific growth opportunities. This provides insights into competencies, accomplishments and shortcomings to identify and prioritize opportunities for growth.

Committing to a routine board evaluation is similar to making a commitment to “preventive” care rather than “sick” care: it is a hallmark of a healthy organization. The intentional board embraces board evaluation as a positive and proactive process to uncover opportunity and refine performance rather than a tool to be critical or punitive. Information from board surveys is shared in aggregate and is not linked to specific names, encouraging forthrightness and productive feedback. Candid responses enable an honest and actionable snapshot of board performance and areas of opportunity.

Accordant utilizes a standard set of core questions that provide comparative benchmarks to other organizations. These provide the ability to select from a broad battery of additional questions that enable organizations to customize their board survey, exploring the organization’s most pressing and most promising issues. Surveys are delivered in an electronic format to create a simple and accessible user experience.

Accordant’s board evaluation service includes customization of the survey tool, analysis and prioritized recommendations for the board development action plan. Organizations may optionally request to have an Accordant expert present their results in a video-based or live presentation.

Being intentional about using ongoing board evaluation as a tool to measure and to refine actions and priorities enables the board to be optimally effective in its role.

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