Board Design & Development

Board members bring outsize influence and critical insights to support the work of the health care organization or health care foundation. Board members face a complex and dynamic environment in which to fulfill their governance role. Board members also conduct their work in a time of heightened scrutiny. Therefore, supporting community volunteer leaders in successfully fulfilling their roles and responsibilities is an endeavor worth considering further design and development.

Accordant helps organizations structure, build, refine and develop health care governing boards and health care foundation boards. We advance evaluation, facilitate design and create infrastructure to support board leaders in effectively and confidently leading in this complex environment.  We collaborate to create structures, role descriptions, policies, communications pathways, educational opportunities, accountability systems and more. We enable organizations to elevate board experience, improve recruitment and strengthen efficiency. Ultimately, our aim is to ensure work is not only aligned with prevailing best practice in health care governance but also is agile and consistent with the culture and opportunity within the organization.


We can help.

Accordant can help you design and develop your governing and foundation boards. Contact us to learn how.