Donor Communications

The Role of Communications

The role of communications in prospecting and engaging donors is ever-evolving. The need to be more relevant, more targeted and more compelling leave many foundations frustrated. Add to that, challenges surrounding health care reform and population health and the solution for what effective donor communications looks like becomes even more grim. Now the final blow. There are more channels, more competing messages and more opinions about where the biggest bang for you buck should be directed then ever before.

Campaign Communications

Our integrated campaign assessment and management model perfectly blends with your communication needs. We leverage insights, strategies and key influencers to champion your campaign communications program. We will help you design a campaign communications strategy, develop a campaign theme and build the digital and collateral communication pieces you need to be successful.

Accordant is different. Because we only serve health care philanthropy we are able to provide campaign communications built on a deep understanding of donor motives. Our communication leadership team is made up of industry experts who were formally trained in both fortune 500 and not-for-profit marketing.


  • Strategic Campaign Communication Planning
  • Campaign Identity
  • Full-range of Creative Services
  • Internal Communications
  • Market Research and Data
  • Social Media
  • Direct Marketing
  • PR and Advertising
  • Video

Ongoing Communications

Whether leading up to or following up on a campaign, ongoing communication requires focus, efficiency and maximizing your investment. We utilize a three step process to determining where the highest value of your communication budget should be aimed.

Content Development

Our creative teams will examine focus areas and key relationship opportunities to help construct and tell stories in powerful ways. We will help you become what we like to call “share-worthy”, ensuring maximization of all content.

Audience Prioritization

Communicating effectively requires first understanding WHO you are communicating to and WHY. There are typically several audiences that greatly impact your communications: Major Gift Donors, Internal Hospital Care Providers and Staff, Grateful Patients, Community and Prospects. Each of these audiences expects and responds to a slightly different call-to-action. Whether it’s a simple brochure or a complex multi-touch point communication project —we can help.


Driving two-way communication will help vet and identify advocates for your foundation. Through channels such as social media, email, collateral, direct mail or video we will help you get, and keep donors engaged.