Communications Strategy

Does this sound familiar?

“We live by a “seat of our pants” approach to communications… it doesn’t work and it’s exhausting.” Let’s face it —health care foundations struggle to find the budget, talent and time to excel at communication planning and implementation.

Among the overwhelming amount of tasks to accomplish, it’s rarely the top priority. However, when foundations are surveyed they continue to place it as one of their greatest areas of need, and the one are where they believe they can actualize immediate impact.


Our Approach

We believe the best communication plans are straight-forward and simple to understand. We start with developing a clear set of your top communication priorities. Nobody can be all things to everyone, and refusing to prioritize only ensures you’ll be nothing to everyone.



Communication Plan Review and Assessment

Communication Strategy

Communication Plan Development

Program Communication Strategies: Grateful Patient, Physician Engagement, Internal Engagement, Donor Engagement, Community Engagement


As a leadership firm focused solely on health care philanthropy we understand the unique challenges to our industries strategic planning and integration. Your communication strategy is never a bolt-on, but rather a key piece of the puzzle to an overall programmatic strategy.


It’s all about the ability to implement. Customizing a communication plan to fit capacity is critical. We believe you should always deliver A+ work, and if that requires having fewer communication projects or fewer touch points, your plan must be right-sized to help you.


Careful mapping of your communication timeline will address communication objectives, deliverables, roles, responsibilities and outcomes to ensure accountability. Your plan will be detailed, specific and held together with management tools.


Priorities shift, dates change and life happens. We offer ongoing plan management to drive, oversee and support your communication plan. Plan abandonment is the number one reason that plans fail. We stand behind our plans, help you adjust and build momentum.


Measuring isn’t about receiving a good or bad grade. It’s about gleaning insight from what you measure so you can put that insight into future actions. We’ll help you identify the key metrics for your program and how to convert that data into strategies and tactics.


Updating and reviewing your plan enables us incorporate new opportunities and keep an active version of your plan in place —permanently.