Case for Support

The Case for Support

If you look beneath the surface, you’ll discover that this innocent looking document is the fundamental communication lever within your organization. More than words on a page, it represents the very thing your organization believes in most. It’s the ‘why’ behind everything you do. Don’t settle for mediocre. Engage, inspire and elevate your collective vision. Our process for delivering a truly breakthrough, enduring and contagious case for support, focuses on the rational and emotional benefits to your audience. We remove constraints, embolden your organization’s vision and deliver a powerful yet practical core building block for philanthropy.


  • Case for support review and assessment
  • Key influencer insight interviews and market research
  • Case for support development
  • Case for support deployment
Why Philanthropy? Why Philanthropy?
Why Philanthropy?

Why are philanthropic donations needed to achieve success? The case for philanthropy must be communicated effectively to your prospective donors. There is nothing more noble, more generous or more inspiring then a powerfully articulated case for philanthropy. Our deep, ongoing experiences with donors and leadership, provides Accordant with the insight you need to make a compelling case for philanthropy.

Why You? Why You?
Why You?

Why support your foundation and not a different not-for-profit up the street? The case for health care and your health care foundation doesn’t come from statistics alone. Our case development process carefully identifies both emotional and rational reasons to believe. Through careful alignment of hospital strategy and your foundation’s purpose, the case for ‘you’ will calmly, confidently and quickly be realized.

Why Now? Why Now?
Why Now?

The case for urgency. The ability to motivate and mobilize major gift donors demands a
compelling reason for them to give —today. Sophisticated investors rely on many factors for determining the greatest impact of their resources. We will work with you to uncover why your foundation, your cause, is the right one.