Brand Synergy

What is brand synergy?

In healthcare it is the ability for the hospital and foundation brands to work with a shared purpose. Brand synergy happens when both organizations understand the value proposition of the other arm of the organization.

For the hospital it means looking beyond quality and compassion, understanding that the foundation offers something the operational side of the hospital cannot offer entirely on its own —a philanthropic heartbeat that connects outcomes with something equally powerful, hope.


  • Visioning
  • Brand Strategy
  • Visual Identity
  • Messaging
  • Creative Execution
Brand Positioning Brand Positioning
Brand Positioning

Quick, in 10 second explain why your foundation is critical to donors… why, if your organization disappeared from the community it would be catastrophic?

Brand positioning is about being able to answer these questions. It’s about understanding what you believe in, what you stand for and what you will never settle for. 

Our brand positioning process aligns your foundation and hospital brand within the hearts and minds of your audience. Together, we’ll explore internal and external factors that contribute to targeting a brand position that stands apart from the competition.

Key Messaging  Key Messaging
Key Messaging

Your brand is not what you think it is… it’s a ‘gut feeling’ others have about your organization.

Our approach to key messaging identifies what is most effective to your audience and works outside-in to identify concepts that are compelling and easy to understand.

The results are key words, phrases and concepts that act as the building blocks to how you are seen and felt. Elements that support your brand position and permeate throughout communications.

Visual Identity Visual Identity
Visual Identity

If what researchers tell us is true, “we cement our first impression in a mere 50 milliseconds”, then visual identity is even more important then we thought.

Logos, colors, images, and other visual content are the first doorway to attracting advocates to your foundation.

We will help you build a strong visual identity that is consistent across each communication touch point, serves as a guide to your staff and partners, and positions you as unique and attractive.