Community Health Impact

Hospitals have traditionally focused on addressing illness and injury. To improve outcomes while lowering costs and increasing patient and provider satisfaction, progressive organizations are taking a more proactive and expansive approach to promoting health and well-being. Community benefit—always essential to a hospital’s mission—has moved to the center of the enterprise.

Advancing well-being requires different ways of thinking about the hospital’s role in its community. Increasingly, hospitals are proactively moving upstream to address patients’ social needs and to help address systematic social determinants of health, such as food security, housing, safe neighborhoods and more. Health care organizations cannot improve population health alone, but must do so in partnership with the communities they serve. Authentic collaboration with community-based organizations is needed to advance health equity for all.

Accordant is positioned to assist health care and other community anchor organizations in assessing, designing and elevating agile community partnerships to advance this important work.

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