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Why storytelling? Simple. Nothing else works. Storytelling fuels health care philanthropy. It illuminates your organization’s mission, connects donors to the causes they care about and inspires and rallies every member of your team.   First, understand this—storytelling and stories are not the same thing. Storytelling is much more than words on a page. Storytelling can help gift officers orally illustrate your cause, CEOs inspire your organization and organizations bring video and digital medial to life.

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Why storytelling? Simple. Nothing else works.

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Package I: Fast Track

This package is ideal for foundations that need fast, professionally told stories for campaigns, annual reports or acquisition letters but have limited availability of time or talent. Our process relies on a specialized set of questions to produce great content often beneath the surface.

Package II: StoryFinders

After years of helping organizations successfully identify and tell compelling stories, we’ve compiled our experience and expertise into a complete package that trains and enables foundations to have the ultimate storytelling model. Through proactive and automated storytelling efforts, foundations can now build in the training and tools needed for success.