Donor Communications & Engagement

What motivates a donor is not what motivates a buyer. Donor communications is different than marketing, and when you consider that about half of all donors cite poor communication for why they left, you begin to understand why hiring a philanthropy firm who understands your donors is important. We believe donor communication should be glue—not bait. We can help you analyze touch points for non-solicitation relationship building opportunities, develop messaging that is authentic while inspiring and create unique experiences that your donors will remember.

Our full-service communication team will work with you to create a suite of communication materials that reflects both the hospital brand and your foundations need to message in a nuanced and powerfully unique way. We provide the following services:

  • Print collateral

  • Digital media

  • Film and Video services

  • Copy and design services

  • Mission experience tours


Storyboarding, Scripting, Directing and Full-Service Film and Video production.

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