Physician Education

Physician engagement demands customization around the unique needs and preferences of physician partners. Physicians often perceive the world as scientists and expect information to be clearly research-based and evidence- driven. Physicians appreciate partners with a keen understanding of the clinical space and the pressures of clinical leadership today. That’s why Accordant faculty members and facilitators seek to stay abreast of not only the science of gratitude and its implications for philanthropy but also the evolving context around practicing medicine to meet physicians where they are. Accordant also recognizes the most powerful engagement opportunities for physicians occur in one-on-one coaching conversations and in small-group engagement sessions. That’s why, while we offer large-group workshops, it is almost never the training methodology that we default to first. Simply, we find iterative conversations and processing information in the room with physicians simply better positions them to be successful and confident in advancing philanthropy.


Physician engagement content often includes, but is not limited to, the following:

• The role of philanthropy in progressive health care organizations

• Outsize influence of patient and family giving in health care

• Influence of gratitude for physician care as a primary motivator of giving

• Neuroscience, psychology and clinical aspects of gratitude

• Value chain that sparks patient and family gratitude in health care

• How grateful patient giving aligns with advancing key clinical initiatives

• How to “spot” and authentically respond to expressions of gratitude

• Finding your own words for meaningful patient conversations

• Other knowledge and competencies to support grateful engagement

• Confronting common physician concerns about grateful engagement

• Maintaining respect, transparency and trust in the clinician/patient relationship

• How to create an agile and trusting partnership with philanthropy team