Nurse Education

Nurse engagement in grateful patient giving relies upon the embrace of the team more than the embrace of any single individual. Thus, nurse engagement is far more reliant upon culture, systems and processes than physician engagement. Nurses also have a great expectation for alignment between their personal values, the organizational values and how they are being asked to engage. Finally, nurses also tend to express more concern about the potential for creating a two-tiered care system when patients are also prospective donor partners. With all these considerations in mind, Accordant has designed a thoughtful approach to nurse engagement that aims toreflect the considerations, preferences and needs of nurses.


Nurse engagement content often includes, but is not limited to, the following:

• The role of philanthropy in progressive health care organizations

• Outsize influence of patient and family giving in health care

• Neuroscience, psychology and clinical aspects of gratitude

• Value chain that sparks patient and family gratitude in health care

• Importance of compassion, empathy, kindness and social dimensions of care

• Paths patients pursue to express gratitude: time, treasure, stories and more

• How to “spot” and authentically respond to expressions of gratitude

• Hardwiring gratitude behaviors on a busy and fluid nursing unit

• Modeling and supporting desired behaviors and language

• Understanding words and actions that can be valuable for engaging patients

• Exploring how grateful engagement can be responsive to your personal values

• How gratitude elevates engagement and creates a healthy work environment