Connecting Resources, People and Ideas

Exceptional health care organizations recognize partnership is more important than ever in this dynamic environment. That’s why Accordant strengthens connections between health care organizations, communities and key stakeholders through four key areas of service: building high performance health philanthropy programs, facilitating community partnerships to elevate health status, strengthening health care governance and fostering values-based cultures. All our consulting services, training and publications are centered around advancing these vital elements of work.

Accordant embraces a “best practice meets bespoke” approach in all we do. That means you won’t find lockstep plans or cookie cutter approaches here. Having deeply experienced consulting leaders enables us to customize our progressive approach to be responsive to each organization’s unique strategy, culture, opportunities and constraints. While Accordant is best known for our progressive work around Transformative Philanthropy™ to advance health care’s new priorities, it’s our privilege to collaborate with organizations to advance an expansive approach to partnership.

Explore all Accordant has to offer:

Virtual & Short-Term Services

Accordant is ready to help you keep your important work going through strengthened and expanded virtual offerings. We provide a robust suite of integrated technology platforms to offer live, web-based events for up to 500 simultaneous participants with integrated engagement tools like real-time polling, breakout rooms and more. We have developed new tools to enhance some of our key facilitated services – from Strategically Aligned Project Selection™ (SAPS) to design thinking-based strategic visioning – in an interactive, virtual format. We’ve also developed new short-term offerings to assist you in a strategic pivot to ensure continuity of work including campaign recalibration, strategic project validation, executive coaching and more. Contact us for additional information on services and strategies you can implement right now.



Engaged and effective leadership is essential to success. Accordant provides training and resources to leverage the involvement of the Health Care C-Suite, Foundation Board and Governing Board; we also support the inspired leadership of Chief Philanthropy Officers and other key philanthropy executives.



Partnerships with physicians, nurses and other caregivers enable organizations to more purposefully embrace and respond to the intentions and desires of grateful patients and families. Accordant is honored to foster clinician engagement and to enrich organizational culture around the concept of gratitude.



Great organizations anticipate the implications of a changing environment and design agile plans to capture opportunities and to overcome obstacles. Accordant not only builds strategic philanthropy plans but also crafts strategy for related areas that drive impact and optimize the effectiveness of development work.



Communications illuminate vision, enable connection and motivate action–so it’s critical to shape strategic and resonant communications. Accordant not only elevates engagement through compelling cases, stories, content, collateral and influence but also addresses strategy and structure that will enable you to better share your story.


Project Selection

Donor investors seek to invest in initiatives that are strategic, high-impact and meaningful. Yet, many organizations identify project selection as a common failure point. Accordant advances a robust and collaborative process to identify, pressure-test and prioritize funding opportunities to maximize mission impact.


Relationship-Based Giving

Values-based relationships are at the heart of giving. Accordant collaborates with philanthropy leaders to build relationship-based giving programs that are not only more effective but also respectful, integrity-based and permission-based. Rely on us to help you build the plans, processes and approach to enable vibrant giving.



Performance relies upon infrastructure–including staffing, systems, business intelligence, accountability tracking and more–to support efficiency and effectiveness. Accordant provides a range of services to evaluate, right-size and build the infrastructure needed to power performance.


Please allow us the opportunity to provide a custom proposal to address your unique needs and objectives. Services are offered by project or by retainer. To uphold the highest ethical standards of our industry, we never work on commission or on a contingent basis. Fees vary based upon:

  • Scope of Work
  • Location of Work (on-site/in-office)
  • Time and Resource Requirements
  • Number / Credentials of Consultant(s)