What People Say

Diane Delozier
Executive Director, Powell Medical Foundation, Powell, WY

What a treat to have Betsy come to northwest Wyoming! It was a fantastic experience for our board of directors, as well as for others from area hospital foundations, to have philanthropy broken down into such meaningful and manageable parts. Our board came away with a new appreciation for what they are entrusted to do…

Demetrios Kadenas
Chief Development Officer, PBMC Health Foundation, Riverhead, NY

Betsy Chapin Taylor is a fantastic strategic thinker who expertly translates all aspects of philanthropy and development.   She speaks and works on a deeper level to spark new energy and commitment from board members and senior leadership. After a retreat, our board chair stated, ‘the topics were just the right mix, the board was fully…

Marshall Pickens, Jr.
Board Member, The Anmed Health Foundation, Anderson, SC

Wow! While we’ve had some excellent conferences during my tenure on our board, I would certainly rate this presentation as the best we have experienced. Betsy certainly is a master in this field of development and this is a relationship I am confident will pay us many dividends. Her material was relevant, timely and most…

Lori Stratoon, MPH
Director of Development, Steele Children's Research Center, Tucson, AZ

Your understanding of our organization and all its parts made the retreat deeply personal for each attendee and absolutely moved them to re-believe in our mission and see how each of them could help move it forward again.

Amy Day
Vice President, Presence Health Foundation, Chicago, IL

What a joy it was to partner with and learn from Betsy Chapin Taylor. She did an excellent job at our retreat with fundraising staff from all over the state. She helped us move forward to meet our goals. She is approachable, flexible, and brings you in with her storytelling. Everyone enjoyed her style immensely…

Linda Payne Smith
Vice President of Marketing and Community Development, Saint Alphonsus Health System, Boise, ID

As a leader for philanthropy in a four hospital health system, I am always looking for ways to educate board members and even senior leaders on the benefits of philanthropy and their role to play. In all the years of bringing in speakers and attending webinars, we have never had a more engaging presentation than…

Travis J. Tysinger
Hospital Foundation Leadership Volunteer, Senior Development Officer, Retired, Woodberry Forest School, Woodberry Forest, VA

Betsy’s program was one of the most compelling cases I have ever heard on the difference between fundraising and philanthropy. Spot on. The critical mix of head and heart. The eager beaver was reminded of the need to know the facts and the stats; while the ‘I’ll-do-anything-but-ask-for-money’ naysayer came away knowing that this is not…