2019 Leadership Retreat Agenda

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Track One: Advancing the Health Care Leadership

Led by Accordant Philanthropy consultants Lori Counts, Amy Dorrill and George Maynard.

• Transform from a Nonprofit Leader to a Dynamic Health Care Executive 

• Partner with the Health Care CFO to Optimize Financial Management & Deployment of Charitable Funds  

• Forge Vibrant Partnerships with Boards & Executives  

• Advance Philanthropy & Community Partnerships for Population Health  

• Drive Systemization & Regionalization Strategy in Health Care Philanthropy 

• Excel in the Critical “Soft Stuff” of Systemization: Culture, Change Management & More

• Lead in Tumultuous Times

Track Two: Operationalizing the Gratitude Effect

Led by Betsy Chapin Taylor and Dr. Robert Emmons, the world’s leading scientific expert on gratitude.

This track will explore the neuroscience and physchology of gratitude, then move to the practical nuts and bolts of operationalizing a grateful engagement strategy in a hospital. This session will be rich with real world examples to help you start your grateful engagement journey.

• Illuminating the Power of the Gratitude Effect 

• Exploring the Science of Gratitude 

• Understanding & Embracing Gratitude in Health Care 

• Deepening Physician Engagement

• Elevating Nursing in Nurturing Grateful Engagement 

• Hardwiring Your Approach to Grateful Engagement