COVID-19 Resources

Accordant and Gravyty discuss how artificial intelligence is transforming what’s possible with hospitals’ major gift and grateful patient programs in today’s economy where budget cuts, furloughs and layoffs are prevalent.

Clinicians need the support of their partners in philanthropy now more than ever. This session will focus on being a strong partner with the healthcare enterprise, engaging clinician partners appropriately and cultivating donor engagement.

In this sequel webinar, we discuss how philanthropic groups are pushing forward in the COVID-19 new normal. Hear what panelists have to offer on the latest strategies for major giving, working remotely, crisis communications and more.

Betsy Chapin Taylor, FAHP and Debra Stock discuss strategies for health foundation boards while navigating their governance and leadership roles during this pandemic.

COVID-19 White Papers

Accordant’s Betsy Chapin Taylor, FAHP, recently spoke at Convene AHP. This paper is a transcript of her remarks to open the 2020 conference. Listen to the On Demand recordings of Convene AHP on AHP’s website.