Transforming Health Care Philanthropy

As the health care industry repositions from a reimbursement system based upon volume to one based upon value, the importance of philanthropy as an alternative revenue source has never been greater. Today’s philanthropy organizations must intentionally pursue increased performance and greater efficiency to fulfill their mandate to power the health care organization’s most important plans. Rising expectations demand a keen focus on values-based and relationship-driven partnerships with donors. Optimizing these partnerships is reliant upon understanding the power of gratitude as a motivator for giving, fostering the engagement of physicians and clinicians as true partners, infusing portfolio management with rigor and harnessing the power of both data and ongoing evaluation. Inspired and empowered teams of philanthropy professionals must also recalibrate the intent of annual giving programs, better integrate planned giving efforts and improve alignment between philanthropy and health care’s emerging priorities. All of these issues and opportunities are confronted and explored within these pages by inspiring and challenging industry leaders.

Redefining Healthcare Philanthropy

Redefining Healthcare Philanthropy features compelling thought leaders in the field of health care philanthropy on critical topics including: • Right-sizing investment in the fund development program • Achieving strategic alignment with the health care organization • Leveraging physician engagement in grateful patient fundraising • Optimizing major gifts fund development through process • Using benchmarking to drive better performance, and • Fostering high impact board engagement in advancing philanthropy. The book unpacks strategic issues in a way that is approachable and understandable and provides specific tools and tactics for implementation. Each chapter also includes questions to serve as a catalyst for further discussion. This essential volume is a must-have for the progressive fund development leader who is committed to achieving greater impact.

Healthcare Philanthropy: Advance Charitable Giving to Your Organization’s Mission

Healthcare Philanthropy was written for health care CEOs to give them a solid overview of issues and opportunities within fund development; however, the book has been embraced by fund development executives as a ready reference guide. The book explores why and how philanthropy has emerged as a vital revenue source. The book shares specific strategies for creating a more vibrant fund development program, emphasizes the role of executives in philanthropy efforts and provides tips for involving physicians. This book was written by Accordant Philanthropy® principal Betsy Chapin Taylor and published by Health Administration Press and the Association for Healthcare Philanthropy.

Workbook: Achieving Executive Presence

Executive Presence. You know it when you see it. That inspiring leader who exudes confidence, speaks with clarity and passion. She simply commands the room. People rely on her wisdom and strength and watch in awe as she captivates and influences those around her. Associates gravitate to her and want to be like her. How did she develop that certain “je ne sais quoi” or was she just a born leader?

As a philanthropy executive, you have dedicated your life to the science and art of your profession. The science is about exercising “best practices” and employing high-level fundraising techniques and strategies with expertise and skill. The art is about reading the cues and emotions of others and knowing when the timing is right to move from cultivation to the “ask.” We build and sustain strong relationships with our donors and community partners as we move effortlessly between constituencies. We pride ourselves in being relationship experts! But, as a health care leader, do you apply these same principals in the C-suite? Do you motivate and ignite a passion in others?

As a philanthropy executive at the highest level, do you have the intuition, self-awareness, perception of others and ability to read the room? As a member of the C-suite, do you know when to demonstrate knowledge and when to sit back and listen?Even the best leaders reach points in their career when the paradigm shifts, expectations change and the scope of the job becomes different. The higher your level of seniority, the more perception seems to matter. Executive presence is what sets exceptional leaders apart. This workbook explores your path to demonstrating confident, authentic and effective leadership in different situations with diverse audiences.