Gratitude as a Catalyst in Transforming Health Care

Take advantage of this unique educational opportunity to discover the transformative power of gratitude and the effect gratitude has on health care and health care philanthropy. Join Robert A. Emmons, Ph.D., and Betsy Chapin Taylor, FAHP, as they examine the nature of gratitude, the impact of gratitude on patient experience and the benefits of incorporating gratitude into the work place.

This session includes five hours of onsite content catered to fit your specific organization and delivered by both lecturers. There is no limit on audience size, so every member of your organization or team will reap the benefits of attending without any additional costs.

There are only a limited number of engagements available, so please, contact Betsy for more information about the session or to reserve your spot for this transformative opportunity.

Learn more about the lecturers: Robert A. Emmons, Ph.D. and Betsy Chapin Taylor, FAHP.

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