Onsite Training

Accordant delivers a deep bench of research-driven and experience-informed leadership education programs at the location of your choice. Accordant’s onsite training programs not only are based upon research and best practices featured in peer-reviewed journals, case studies and Accordant’s direct experience but also provide practical, actionable information for real world implementation. Content for each presentation is also custom-designed and tailored to meet the unique and specific informational and engagement needs of health care leaders, board members, clinicians and philanthropy teams within your organization.

Distinctive elements of
Accordant’s training programs include:

  • Presented by deeply experienced industry experts and thought leaders
  • Customized programs to ensure content meets your unique opportunities and needs
  • Segmented by audience to enhance relevance and impact
  • Offered in various formats to meet specific training objectives
  • Focused on delivering practical, actionable information beyond the theory
  • Packaged for a highly visual, high energy training experience
  • Supported by related assessment, strategy and program implementation services

Keynote Presentations

Accordant delivers powerful and provocative keynote presentations to provide 45- to 90-minute sessions on key issues and opportunities to large groups.

Workshop Presentations

Custom training workshops go beyond simple training by creating a highly interactive attendee experience that includes discussion, activities, brainstorming, processing of ideas and more. Our ultimate objective is to make a solid connection between the knowledge and skills being explored and the actual application of that information in real-world environments. Workshops can be structured in compact 60-minute sessions up to 6-hour retreats.

Small-Group Engagement

Training for four to seven participants in a more intimate setting fosters deeper discussion, airing of concerns and processing of ideas. Small groups also allow for a significant amount of in-the-room customization to meet the individual needs of participants in an environment of trust and transparency.

Please reach out to us today about designing a custom educational experience for your organization.