Reshaping Healthcare Philanthropy in Europe

Accordant is uniquely positioned to support the growth of philanthropy in healthcare services with the experience we bring from immersion in both US and UK. There is an opportunity for healthcare philanthropy to play a larger role in safeguarding sustainability and in fueling innovation and progress. Thus, we feel called to be active participants in finding ground-breaking solutions and in harnessing the power of public partnership for the public good.

Accordant Philanthropy embraces the same level of commitment to driving thought leadership and designing practice to advance the field but with specific tailoring to reflect the unique challenges and opportunities of individual countries across Europe. This extends into customized versions of our research, publications, and training. Accordant offers a range of onsite services including strategic philanthropy planning and training as well as a range of other consulting services delivered in a streamlined or virtual environment.

It is our intent to provide a robust and comprehensive approach that is adaptable, accessible and responsive to the evolving health care and charitable European landscape. Additionally, we believe this dynamic environment will provide valuable cross-pollination and will facilitate insight into new models, new perspectives and new data that will benefit our clients in both the US and Europe.

Andrew Watt, FCIOF serves as the linchpin of Accordant Philanthropy in Europe and operates out of the UK. Andrew’s resume reflects more than 25 years of service to US- and UK-based social and philanthropic sectors, and his passion for and experience in multinational thought leadership, nonprofit management and health care philanthropy has enabled him to establish bridges between diverse communities in order to affect substantial change.

Accordant Philanthropy is dedicated to providing thought leadership to all those who serve to advance health care through philanthropy, and it is our privilege to embrace the calling to care and serve no matter where it may lead.

Philanthropy Education

Healthcare fundraising is unique. That’s why Accordant offers education specifically tailored for healthcare fundraisers, hospital administrators, consultants and more. Learn more about upcoming sessions or let us know what content you'd like to see.

Meet Accordant Europe’s Andrew Watt

Andrew Watt has been a passionate leader and advocate for the social and philanthropic sectors for more than 25 years. He has significant experience creating successful coalitions in complex and challenging multi-national environments.

Services Tailored Specifically for Europe

Accordant is uniquely positioned to support the growth of philanthropy in healthcare services with the experience we bring from immersion in both US and UK

Leaders in Gratitude in Health Care

How do you transition from patient care to supporter care, enabling patients and their families to channel their gratitude in the form of philanthropy?



Engaged and effective leadership is essential to success. Accordant provides training and resources to leverage the involvement of the Health Care C-Suite, Foundation Board and Governing Board; we also support the inspired leadership of Chief Philanthropy Officers and other key philanthropy executives.



Partnerships with physicians, nurses and other caregivers enable organizations to more purposefully embrace and respond to the intentions and desires of grateful patients and families. Accordant is honored to foster clinician engagement and to enrich organizational culture around the concept of gratitude.



Great organizations anticipate the implications of a changing environment and design agile plans to capture opportunities and to overcome obstacles. Accordant not only builds strategic philanthropy plans but also crafts strategy for related areas that drive impact and optimize the effectiveness of development work.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Facilitated Visioning and Design Sessions
  • Philanthropic Project Selection
  • Stakeholder Engagement Assessment
  • Analysis of Environmental, Operational & Reputational Risk



Communications illuminate vision, enable connection and motivate action–so it’s critical to shape strategic and resonant communications. Accordant not only elevates engagement through compelling cases, stories, content, collateral and influence but also addresses strategy and structure that will enable you to better share your story.


Relationship-Based Giving

Values-based relationships are at the heart of giving. Accordant collaborates with philanthropy leaders to build relationship-based giving programs that are not only more effective but also respectful, integrity-based and permission-based. Rely on us to help you build the plans, processes and approach to enable vibrant giving.