Monthly Archives: Oct 2018

NRC Health+Accordant: Gratitude Research

NRC Health and Accordant collaborated on the largest nation-wide survey of gratitude and charitable giving in health care ever conducted.  Download our latest research and uncover the motivations and considerations behind giving to a hospital:  Accordant_GratitudeDataOverview_v2.pdf (277 downloads)

Transforming Physician Engagement

Physician participation in the identification and engagement of grateful patients and families is critical to elevating health care philanthropy. Yet, physician engagement in philanthropy remains a challenge for many organizations.

The reason isn’t for a lack of trying.  Here are five ways to improve your approach:   Accordant_WP_PhysicianEngagement_FINAL.pdf (272 downloads)

Wave Campaigns: Smart, Agile and Aligned

Wave Campaigns maintain donor-centered engagement while better responding to the new realities of health care.  Wave Campaigns integrate strategically aligned project selection, leverage leadership involvement, streamline leadership engagement structures and eliminate the excess time and infrastructure of traditional campaigns.  Find out more about this vibrant and smart approach to campaigning: Accordant_WP_WaveCampaigning_FINAL.pdf (239 downloads)