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CoreCentric: Discover Your Right Fit Role Is a Better Way to Engage Board Members

Board members often express concern about raising money.  However, there is finally a better way to tailor each unique leader’s involvement in fund development activities.  CoreCentric: Discover Your Right Fit Role helps board members uncover clear and specific donor engagement activities that fit their own natural strengths, constraints, interests and preferences.  This liberates leaders to focus on high-impact activities that are within their personal comfort and confidence zones.

The CoreCentric: Discover Your Right Fit Role system is rooted in decades of research on human psychology and performance.  The system helps board members uncover their own “right-fit” role in fund development by focusing on each individual’s preferences rather than talents; since all individuals have both innate, natural talents and acquired, developed talents.  So, in finding their resonant roles in fund development, leaders consider traits, beliefs and behaviors that best reflect their preferences for how they spend their time, what they enjoy, what they care about and what gives them energy.   These preferences are then matched with one of four profiles that are in turn linked to clear and specific roles in advancing philanthropy.   Once board members discover their profile, it means they are no longer stretched across the entire spectrum of development activities and are no longer asked to do things they dislike.   Instead, they focus on specific, high-impact activities where they will not only excel but also will add real value to the organization.

This simple, actionable (and dare we say it–FUN!) system has been embraced by board members as a straight-forward way to set their fear of fundraising aside and to get actively involved in advancing a cause they care about.   This system can be used as a solitaire game or as a group exercise.  This system has also been used by healthcare executives, physicians, development staff and other organizational advocates to strengthen their involvement.

For orders of 10 card decks or fewer, please purchase on; for discounted bulk orders of 10 decks or more, please contact us directly.  A single CoreCentric: Discover Your Right Fit Role card deck is $24.95 and can be used to play a solitaire version of the game; a discounted bulk pack of 10 decks is $199.00 and serves a board of up to 25 members when used for a group exercise.

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